Communication Concept. Video Productions. Event Management


UNBOX was tasked to tell the story of Diageo Ethiopia’s second office launch in Addis Ababa. Prior to the unveiling, the office underwent a revamp with a focus on designing a space that cultivates connections, work-life balance, and inspired presence.


We started by naming the new office as Diageo Central. We unleashed a plethora of surprises for the employees in the first week following the unveiling of Diageo Central. Employees were treated with gifts, massage, team-building exercises, and an official launch event with partners and stakeholders. We delivered two videos that told the story of the office move and activities around the launch.


Over 20 major media stations engaged resulting in earned media coverage. Digital communication to the global internal team showcasingDiageo Central as an iconic space where meetings are held, visions re-imagined, employees are comforted, drinks mixed and brands celebrated.