Let’s face it – todays marketing has become too complicated for one person to handle.

You need professional marketers on your team to maximize your brand impact and grow your business.

Yet, building the dream marketing team is easier said than done.

That is why we often hear business leaders perplexed by a key decision: ‘’should we build in-house marketers or work with an outsourced marketing agency?”

Our years of experience in the marketing, branding advertising points to one answer; one size does not fit all.

The key is defining your organization’s marketing goals, weighing them against your internal team capabilities and having an understanding of what reputable marketing agencies can offer.

To support your decision, lets introduce you to the 8 marketing services offered by UNBOX – a reputable marketing agency housing Ethiopia’s brightest creatives, writers, strategists, designers, developers – to grow your business impact in Ethiopia.

#1 Market research – Designed to help you navigate the changing reality of consumers and adopt your business value offer.

#2 Brand Strategy – To identify your unique value positioning and craft a compelling story that carries your purpose.

#3 Corporate Visual Identity – A purposefully creative design to allow you be recognized with a blink of an eye. From logo to product packaging – we design it all.

#4 Company profile – Company profile content and design development to act as a window to your company’s identity and your portfolio of product or service.

#5 Website development – User interface design that reflects your purpose. Search engine optimization and back-end configuration that delivers results.

#6 Creative communications – Development of creative communication campaigns with a unifying theme ensuring distinctiveness, memorability and relevancy.

#7 Social media management – Setting social media objectives, identifying relevant platforms setting content pillar and style guide. Manage social pages by creating content, paid ads management and providing data analytics/marketing.

#8 Corporate gifts – Custom designed and locally sourced gift items carefully curated for your customers or partners.

In conclusion

If you are seeking to get clarity in your message, creativity in your design and a dedicated team behind the scenes for your marketing activities in Ethiopia – book free consultation and learn how the team of UNBOX can help you.